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Ice Cream
La Michoacana



We are passionate about ice cream!
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It all started in 2015, with a small family business. We had planned to have authentic Mexican snacks. At the time, our only snacks were corn in a cup and the street corn. Our product was so well liked that people wanted us to offer them something to drink as well.
We made the decision to start with the Rusa drinks, and people loved it! Soon after, our clientele started going up. Today we have more than 30 products. Our small family business grew so much that today we have expanded a new location called Ice Cream La Michoacana. With authentic fresh products of Mexican gastronomy. Our Icecream and popsicles are homemade!
We focus on:
-Our clients
-A clean environment 
-Quality Products
- Friendly customer service
We continually work to improve every day. So, that each customer can have a satisfactory experience at Icecream La Michoacana.

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